Choosing movers in Amsterdam can be a complicated process. After all, you’ll be trusting the selected moving company with all of your belongings! Whether point A to point B is around the corner or across The Netherlands – Quality matters most! Step one to finding movers is checking credentials and insurance. Every Amsterdam moving company is required to be licensed. Insurance is the next step to finding a reputable Amsterdam moving company. Moving companies in Amsterdam must have proper insurance.

The next step in your search for movers in Amsterdam is to check out their online reviews and customer feedback. As you can see from our reviews across the web, there are many resources to checking moving company reviews. Seeing multiple occurrences of bad feedback, particularly when it comes to payment and service quality, is a major red flag!

Hiring movers isn’t the easiest task in the book – But if you’re in the Amsterdam area, we are your crew! Fill in our free moving quote and let’s make your move a great experience.

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Local Moving: Moving from Herengracht to De Pijp? No problem, Flex movingg Company Amsterdam has you covered when it comes to moving across the street or across the city. Our team is prepared to handle everything from packing and loading to unloading and furniture placement, making your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Long Distance: At Flex Moving Company, we understand that preparing for a long-distance move is stressful. You’re already a bit on edge about leaving behind friends and family, and nervous about leaving anything behind or losing something in the process. Let us take some of that stress from your shoulders and make your moving worries a success story. Our team in Amsterdam understands better than most just how daunting a large moving job can be, which is why we work with only the best in the business. Our Amsterdam team is trained on being careful, meticulous, and gentle when dealing with client belongings. When it comes to long distance moving, our hope is that our clients get to focus on the excitement of moving to a new place, rather than the anxiety of getting there. We worry about the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

Labor-Only Loading/Unloading: Some families don’t need help moving to a new location, but don’t have the manpower or ability to load and unload the truck. At Flex Moving Company, we aren’t focused on doing just one job, we customize our moving experience to suit the evolving needs of our client base. We know that not all clients need the same service, and we’re happy to help with only the parts you need.

Whether you require assistance loading and unloading because of an injury, lack of time, or because you just plain don’t want to, we’ve got you covered! We’ll get your belongings in and out, so you don’t have to.

Partial Moves: Sometimes we see clients who start the moving process only to realize the job is a little bigger than originally expected. Got halfway there and suddenly realize you could use a hand? We’re on the job! Flex Moving Company can help you load up, or unload, or finish a partially started project with no hidden fees or agenda. We’re happy to help our clients get where they need to be, whatever the load.

Boxes/Moving Supplies: DIY (do it yourself) is becoming popular in everything from household fixes to yard work, so it’s not surprising that many families are taking on part of the moving process. However, despite your truck rental and borrowed assistance of friends and colleagues with the promise of payment in pizza and beer, you still need the right tools for the job. Flex Moving Company Amsterdam is happy to supply you with all the boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and other necessities you’ll require to get your furniture, plates, and knickknacks from point A to point B in one piece.

Furniture Delivery/Repositioning: Found some new furniture you want to buy, but have no way to get it home? Give Flex Moving Company Amsterdam a call. Our team of handy professionals is happy to swing by the store, pick up your new duds and move them to your place. We’ll even get everything organized and positioned where you want it before taking off.

Junk Removal: Most of the calls we get at Flex Moving Commpany are for moving families from one place to another, but not every move is straight forward and simple. Sometimes there’s piles of junk that gets left behind, like old tires, outdated water heaters, and musty old couches. These aren’t the types of things you can just leave roadside for civic garbage disposal to take care of, so what do you do? Give us a call! Flex Moving Company Holland will help move and dispose of your junk carefully and responsibly.

Packing/Unpacking: For some families it isn’t the move that they require help with, but the incredibly daunting task of packing and unpacking. Not everybody knows what to pack with what or how to properly wrap breakables, so they stay intact. That’s why we offer packing and unpacking services to help you get all your favorite things where they need to be safely.

Storage Amsterdam: Got everything packed up and nowhere to put it? No problem. Flex Moving Company Holland also offers storage opportunities for clients who need a safe place to keep belongings. Whether you’re traveling long-term and no longer need your couch, bed and bookcase, or you’ve recently inherited some beautiful antiques but have nowhere to put them, we can help.

Custom Crating: There are some moving projects which require a very specific type of packing, this packing is called crating and usually involves wooden pallet style boxing. If you require crating for your moving needs, Flex Moving Company are equipped to help. Contact us today to learn more about our crating services.

We serve clients in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Gronigen, Breda, Rijswijk, Delft, Hilversum, Amersfoort Tilburg, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Haarlem, Heemskerk, Antwerpen, Brussels, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and more. Not sure if your area is covered by Flex Moving Company? Give us a call! We’re always seeking out new regions to expand into and new clients to serve. Our experienced team is happy to hear from new and existing customers and will do their best to answer any questions you might have regarding our services and service area.